North Texas Personal Care Homes
Faith Based Assisted Living

My mother has been a resident of North Texas Personal Care Homes since November 2002. My mother
and our entire family are very pleased with the care she has received.

The caregivers are exceptional—gentle and loving. They treat the residents as extended family and love
them as such. Turnover of employees is much lower than that in a regular nursing home so the
caregivers get to know each resident very well. Another plus concerning those who provide care: they are
trained and knowledgeable. All of my mother’s doctors have commented on the exceptional care she

The environment is beautiful. The home is lovely with a well-kept lawn and clean interior. It feels and
looks like a regular home. Each resident has his or her own room which affords each person privacy
when needed or wanted, yet also spacious public areas for other times.

Because those providing care know their patients so well, special dietary likes and dislikes are
addressed. My mother did not like hot cereal so she always had something different even when all the
other residents wanted hot cereal. Plus, there are special celebrations with special treats—like
birthdays—and these are celebrated family style with everyone present. No such considerations were
granted at the large nursing homes; only food allergies altered meals.

Also, Bryan has a list of doctors, therapists, visiting nurses and other health care professionals should the
resident need further help or care and these are the best of the best. He observes the care each gives
and quickly replaces those of lesser quality.

I cannot imagine a better place for an aging parent. Both of my in-laws passed in well thought of large
nursing homes. They had activities directors and a full-time staff of nurses. They also had different
people caring for our loved ones almost weekly; turnover was very high. My in-laws days were spent
sitting around the nursing station with no interaction other than what my family could provide. The
activities director planned for those who were able to go and do; not for those who now needed help with
everything. The cost between the large nursing home and North Texas Personal Care Homes was the
same, but the loving care is so superior in Bryan’s homes.

Placing a loved one in a nursing care facility is never an easy decision. Parents want to remain
independent and children want for them to. However, there came a time for my mother when she had no
choice and we had to have help. I cannot imagine a better place for my mother than North Texas
Personal Care Homes. I hope when my time comes to need help, I can be placed in such a loving,
caring place.


Karen Townsend
Many other references provided upon request
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We currently have
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available with prices
ranging from
$100-$150 per day
depending on the
amount of care
available from $80
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